Your Taco Tuesday Just Got An Essential Upgrade!

Our amazing “Taco Tuesday” essential oil kit was specifically selected to provide your drinks and dishes a burst of flavor from south of the border! These six essential oils – Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime, Basil, Rosemary, and Black Pepper – bring unlimited possibilities to your recipes. 

All six oils are safe to ingest and each provide their unique therapeutic benefit to enhance your health too! Learn more about these oils below and >>>GET YOUR KIT HERE!

Wild Orange

  • Powerful cleanser and purifying agent
  • Internal use supports healthy immune function
  • Creates an uplifting environment
  • Cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces
  • Internal use naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion
  • Uplifting, positive aroma


  • Supports healthy immune function when used internally
  • Refreshing aroma that stimulates the senses
  • Used as a topical and internal cleanser
  • The aroma encourages a balanced and energizing atmosphere
  • Basil oil helps to keep the skin looking clean, clear, and healthy
  • Aromatic use helps create a calm, relaxed environment
  • Supports nervous system health when consumed internally


  • Supports healthy digestion when consumed
  • Internal use may help support healthy respiratory function
  • When taken internally, may help to reduce nervous tension and occasional fatigue
  • Provides antioxidant and digestive support when used internally
  • Internal use can support healthy circulation
  • Enhances food flavor
  • Soothing and satisfying aroma

This culinary collection is a MUST HAVE for all food enthusiasts!

Along with your kit, you’ll receive: 

  • Wholesale account (up to 55% off your products)
  • Free Essential Oils Guide Book
  • Free Personal Wellness Consultation
  • Free Ongoing Education and Support
  • Free Health Coaching for 90 days
  • Free access to private online member education & special offers

What Is An Essential Oil?

We believe anyone can be a healer in their home!
Whether you want to support your family with quick, natural solutions for life’s unexpected moments or embark on a journey to better your health and wellness, we can help you build your health toolkit with pure, potent, powerful essential oils to help you along the way!
Romelia Rodriguez Walters
Certified Essential Oil Specialist * Wellness Advocate * Health Coach
Wife * Homeschooling Mom * Dog Rescuer * Essential Oil Addict.

Savor Your Next Taco Tuesday!

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