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We are on a mission to create a healer in every home. We not only provide you the health tools to begin your journey to optimal wellness, we also help you discover the “why” behind your desired health change. We empower you to become the experts of your body, your mind and your circumstance by helping you identify your unique challenges that are preventing your desired change. We do this through ongoing support and accountability in a safe, nonjudgmental manner in community with other natural health seekers and experts.

wellness overview

Free one-to-one session that focuses on health priorities, wellness goals, and natural solutions. Specific and measurable 90-day goals are outlined and includes a Daily Wellness Plan. 

Online classes

Free online classes that you can do at your own pace with topics that cover various health and wellness issues. A new class is added weekly on our newest platform. Open to everyone!

workplace wellness

On-the-job sessions for employees, their families and/or colleagues. Choose from a range of topics pertaining to health and wellness. Session length and cost varies.

our partners

The growing popularity of complementary and integrative health modalities has led to an increase in use of essential oils. doTERRA is the global leader in this industry and the only company that has Certified Pure Tested Grade essential oils that are tested for purity and potency by a third party company. These are the only essential oils recommended for use aromatically, topically and internally by Casa Walters Essentials.

Our Partners understand the desire for safe, natural solutions for their clients and customers and are committed to providing them access and support for a healthy, natural lifestyle. doTERRA’s safe, pure and versatile essential oils and products, along with our easy-to-implement system for professionals, make these essential oils the perfect addition (but not limited) to:

Hair & Nail Salons

Fitness Facilities & Trainers

Medical & Health Spas

Massage, Physical and Occupational Therapists

Social Workers & Treatment Centers

Mental Health Providers

Dental Offices


Birthing Centers & Doulas

Yoga Studios

Chiropractic Offices

Healthcare Facilities & Providers

Assisted Living Facilities

Day Care Centers & Schools

Sports Teams & Camps

We are open to discussing partnerships and collaborations with industries that align with our mission and seek to empower people to take charge of their health. We aim to support your desired intentions and outcomes when implementing these oils and products into your place of business by helping you create a system that fits your needs.

If you would like to discuss how you can begin sharing these beautiful gifts of the earth with your clients and customers, click on the link below to schedule a call.

our team

Creativity and compassion are at the heart of our team of health and wellness leaders. We believe a group with a shared purpose of empowering others to take control of their health can create massive change and impact. We aim to create a culture of trust and openness among our leaders and know that our team culture thrives when inclusivity and diversity are at its forefront. We value and encourage participative leadership and provide a FUN and safe space for our team members to work at their pace and set own financial goals.

our compensation plan

When it comes to the dōTERRA compensation plan, there are many factors that set this plan apart from other companies’ plans.


Pure, safe and effective product that people want and need.


dōTERRA retention: 70+ percent.
Average industry retention: 10–20 percent.


Work with team members rather than compete against them. As your team members succeed, you succeed.


There are five ways to earn money with doTERRA. 

  1. Retail – earn 25% on your retail sales. (paid monthly)
  2.  Fast Start Bonus – earn 5-20% on new members three levels deep for 60 days. (paid weekly)
  3. Power of 3 – earn $50, $250, or $1500 on team LRP volume. (paid monthly)
  4. Unilevel Bonus – earn 2 – 7% on overall team volume compressed dynamically. (paid monthly)
  5. Performance Pools – earn additional shares in total company volume. (paid monthly)

what we want from our leaders

Highly motivated to succeed in life
Desire to work smarter to earn more so you can do more of what you love
Set your own work hours and income goals to meet your specific needs
Passionate about natural health
Share a vision of empowering others to achieve optimal health and wellness
Thrive in a culture of community while tapping into your unique creativity
Comfortable with becoming uncomfortable while seeking personal growth and discovering your zone of genius
Ready to become the CEO of your healthcare and your own business
Believe that time and financial freedom exist for you

what you can expect from us

Full access to our private Facebook forum for health entrepreneurs
Mastermind with other business owners
Weekly team strategy calls
Live and recorded training
Live training retreats and seminars
Access to doTERRA Business Building Certification
Reimbursements for doTERRA Specific Trainings (Essential Oil Specialist and Sales Pro)
Personal Wellness Consultation and 90 days of Health Coaching
Personal business strategy for your specific business model and brand


why work with us

We know what it’s like to live hand to mouth. We’ve been at the bottom, scraping coins for gas, for food, and praying that it’s enough.
We know how it feels to go to bed at night, worried about the mounting bills that continue to hit the mailbox.
We know that working for someone else is trading our time for money to build someone else’s bank account.
We know that having one parent at home full time is important to our family dynamic and the well being and success of our children.
We know that having a 9 to 5 job can be exhausting, frustrating, make you feel undervalued and still not bring home enough to make ends meet.
We know that there is more to life than being in constant survival mode.
We know because we’ve been there.

In a short time, we have replaced one income in our house (yes! even with two incomes we struggled!) which has freed our time to pour into our business, our team, our partners and our members and move from surviving to thriving.

The Global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market was valued at $7.7 billion in 2019. The market is expected to reach revenues of $18.6 billion by 2026. The market is also expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13.4% (2019-2026) (source: Verify Markets; an independent market research firm specializing in industrial, environmental, energy, consumer products and water markets.)

We decided to partner with doTERRA because the income opportunity is real and there is so much potential for growth. When we were introduced to dōTERRA in 2017, it was a $5 Billion market that had grown 25% from the previous year. This growth significantly exceeded the projected annual growth rate given by Verify Markets. Within the next 10 years, dōTERRA is expected to be a $20-$30 Billion company. The time is NOW and the opportunity is absolutely real!

want to discuss a partnership with casa walters essentials?

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We are a global business! We welcome anyone, anywhere, who is ready to make a change in their life while impacting the lives of others through education and support.

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