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Casa Walters Essentials

We believe anyone can be a healer in their home!

Whether you want to support your family with quick, natural solutions for life’s unexpected moments or embark on a journey to better your health and wellness, we can help you build your health toolkit with pure, potent, powerful essential oils to help you along the way!

Our family has used essential oils since 2017. When we decided to use natural solutions to support our health needs, we chose doTERRA.

Why doTERRA?
  • They are the largest essential oil company in the world and have the purest oils.
  • They offer safe, affordable, effective solutions that empower people to become the CEOs of their health and wellness.
  • They don’t cut corners or treat farmers, harvesters, or distillers unfairly. They choose sourcing methods that protect the environment and ensure fair and ethical treatment to communities they partner with to produce high-quality oils, no matter the cost.
  • They are making a difference in the world by supporting development projects within the communities where the oils are sourced. These projects include funding for schools, hospitals, clean water projects, and even support anti-human trafficking, disaster relief, and feminine hygiene education efforts.
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Choose Your Starter Kit

These kits make it easy to find the one that is perfect for you!
We have kits for those of you that
→ want to have an experience
→ are curious and want to really feel the power of these oils
→ are ready to transform your medicine cabinet and your home
You can also get a membership for $35 and get only the oils and products you want!
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5 Simple ways to reduce toxins in your home

We are exposed to a plethora of toxins everyday while at home, work and play. While we can’t remove every toxin from our life, we can take measures to lessen our exposure in our home. Here’s a quick tip-sheet that you can use right now to significantly reduce your toxin exposure in your home!

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