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I had a bad run in with detox once. I was in college. I can’t remember the name of the system but I do remember the diarrhea, stomach cramps, cold sweats and just feeling like I wanted to die for 3 days! It was horrible! Since then, I swore I would NEVER do another detox. EVER.

That was until January 2018. We were new to doTERRA and had a very successful fall and winter (so far) with keeping our son symptom-free from his asthma. There were no sick visits, urgent care visits, and no ER visit. We were on a roll! The four months leading into the new year were the best he’d ever experienced!

We did so well with our son, sticking to a care plan supported with doTERRA oils and products that my husby wanted to experience the same transformation. He’d been on some medication that did what it was supposed to do for him, but it came with a nagging, hacking, dry cough. We were told by his healthcare provider that was to be expected because the majority of people taking that same medicine have the same side effect. “It’s normal” we were told. Uh…’s not.

So you may have guessed what came next…research.

Lots of research into books on his condition and alternative therapies that could work for him. Hours reading peer-reviewed publications of how to use essential oils to support him and really, just looking for a simple answer to a complex, and sometimes scary, diagnosis. It took 2 weeks to come up with a care plan that we felt good about and was easy to implement.

Now let me stop here and just say this: I am not a doctor nor did we seek the advice of one when he decided to take the steps to wean himself off of his medication. I am first and foremost a wife and a mom who would do anything to improve the quality of life for my family. I am also a firm believer that our bodies, given the proper nourishment and care, can and oftentimes do, reverse the damage and heal themselves. And lastly, the care plans we put together for my son and husby were specific to THEIR needs, their desired health outcomes, and the work they were willing to put into it to achieve what they wanted.

So now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, the first step of my husby’s care plan was to do a detox. I admit I was very hesitant about this because I was moving on my personal experience of a hellish detox. But I had done my research and spoke with people who had used this gentle approach to supporting the body’s own elimination pathways and took a leap of faith with the Cleanse and Restore Program from doTERRA. When I presented this first step to my husby he immediately replied with “you’re doing this with me”. 

My immediate response was “yeah right, I’m passing on this one”. That horrific week from my college days still haunted me. But I knew if I didn’t jump in with him, be with him for every step of the way, he wouldn’t stick to it and get to the place in his health he so desired. So a 30-day detox was put into motion for both of us. And truth be told, I was terrified! I had no idea what to expect and didn’t want this to be a terrible experience for the both of us. If my husby didn’t like this detox experience, I knew that whatever natural modality of care I threw his way would go unheard, un-implemented, come with an eye roll, and he would probably never trust me again when it came to trying something new.
But guess what? None of my fears came into fruition! Yay!!!

What a surprise this system turned out to be! Only once did I feel uncomfortable and that was because I wasn’t drinking enough water. Staying hydrated is key! This system is supporting your body’s own natural elimination pathways and in order to do that effectively, we need to keep the body hydrated. Once I set an intention to take in the water I needed, the rest of the 30 days went well.

What I love about this system is its simplicity. It doesn’t include a thousand steps, a hundred recipes and tons of things you need to do to feel and see the effects. It literally is following a supplement and essential oil protocol, consistently, for 30 days. That’s it!

You can definitely take it up a notch by incorporating cleaner eating, stress management and exercise. We’ve incorporated these pieces into our personal detox but our first time around, we stuck to the basic protocol. We both lost some weight (him more than me). We both experienced more energy and motivation to take on the day’s grind. And my husby began moving toward transitioning off his meds. (This was a separate process that took months but the detox put it all into motion.)

If you’re interested in learning more about this system, I invite you to join our online community and get registered for our 30-Day Detox. (Register here).

We have a new program starting on March 1st and it’s the most comprehensive one we’ve done to date. I’m excited to share this with you! We’ll have challenges, recipes, education, focusing on your mind, body and soul to support you throughout the 30 days. We’re going deep to help change patterns of thought and behavior to successfully transition you to a healthier, happier you!

Leave a comment if you’re up to ridding yourself of excess toxins and I’ll reach out to you to support you in your choice to do better for you.

Or if you have any questions, leave them below. I welcome the opportunity to serve you!


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