happy halloween!

Halloween is a big thing in our home. It’s my husby’s and youngest’s favorite holiday. (Can we even call it a holiday?)

Those two love to decorate, pick out the best pumpkins for carving, go costume hunting, and plan our Halloween evening. It’s really nothing fancy, but it’s tradition.

My small part in all this is to make dinner for the night that our oldest comes over to carve pumpkins and make a big pot of soup for Trick-or-Treating night. Their pumpkins came out really good! Don’t ask me what the characters are; all four are inspired by video games or anime. Whatever they are, they look awesome at night!

Something we start doing the week leading up to Halloween is prepping our bodies and our kids’ bodies for the super, duper, bound-to-happen SUGAR OVERLOAD. For us, it’s just part of the fun!

Let me be real here…I do not limit the amount of candy my kiddos consume the day of or the few days after Trick-or-Treating. This is a once a year thing, and I think you already know I don’t practice any self-deprivation. Especially when it comes to food. So instead of counting out pieces of sweets for each kid, I do the best I can to help them from the inside to deal with all that excess.

A week before Halloween, I have my kiddos take a PB Assist Jr in the morning as usual and then again at night before bed. This is an excellent prep for the gut that’s about to be bombarded with all the excess sugar. The healthy gut flora will get a boost of support so that it will be able take on the added sugar.

They also take their daily vitamins, one On Guard + and I also encourage them to drink a lot of water. A well hydrated body works best under stress. And that’s really what that excess of sugar will do to the body. Cause stress. And On Guard +, well, that’s just a normal part of our daily supplement intake.

On Halloween, my kiddos take their morning PB Assist Jr, then again with lunch and right before heading out to get their candy haul. They have another with their soup and then one more before bed. Also on this day, they have a TerraZyme with their meals and then again at bedtime. This is to help their system not get over taxed when it begins to digest all the added sugar. Because they don’t swallow the capsules well, I break them open and have them take it with a spoonful of yogurt. And of course, lots of water!

The day after Halloween, we repeat the PB Assist Jr and TerraZyme regimen. They’re bodies are still working through the onslaught of sugar. I also have them drink at least one glass of with a drop or two of Lemon essential oil. Further supporting the natural detox taking place. During the week after Halloween, we continue with their daily PB Assist Jr and play the rest by ear. If their tummies are not settled or they’re feeling off, we do a TerraZyme and PB Assist with meals and right before bed. 

What I’ve noticed is that my kiddos have had pretty healthy responses to the onslaught of sugar during Halloween. Before oils, they’d get headaches, tummy aches and couldn’t sleep well because their bodies couldn’t take on all the Halloween treats & eats. The only complaint I’ve heard is that Halloween doesn’t last long enough!

Hope you have an amazing Halloween! If you’d like more info on our Pre-Sugar Onslaught Prep (😆), leave a comment or message me!

Stay safe. Stay healthy.




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