…And then October came…

“October is a symphony of permanence and change.” – Bonaro W. Overstreet

What a beautiful quote to ponder as we move into the last chapter of this year. It’s so amazing to live in a world where things are constant and in the same breath, constantly evolving.

I’d like to think that my personal life and professional life reflect that balance of permanence and change. It may not be in a beautiful symphony with one another at all times, but it’s definitely something worth striving for!

So after spending sometime with myself in prayer and reflection, here’s some of the instruments that are in play to help me have a strong, healthy successful final chapter of this year:

Personal Life

Continue working on my limiting beliefs. I’m a big fan of self-development and even though I read the books, listen to the podcasts, talk to the coach, I still find myself struggling with money. Not so much as getting it but allowing myself to have it, to be deserving of it. It’s a very deep, complex issue and I know will continue to be a work in progress long after the year is over.

Continue to honor my body. The foundation has been set and I feel like I have some really good healthy habits. But the rest though! I still schedule self care time on my calendar and do one thing a week that pampers my body and uplifts my spirit. But the rest though! I have got to stop feeling guilty about the rest!

Nurture my relationships. I have been incredibly blessed with a loud, crazy, supportive family. Although I basically spend every waking hour with my children and husband, the majority of that time is spent schooling or cooking or cleaning. It’s been a while since we spent time just “being” with each other. And I honestly don’t spend enough time with my family who actually live in Albuquerque. It’s a very sad truth. And my friends! Ugh! No lunches. No coffees. No cocktails. No visits. I have neglected some of the most important people in my life.

Professional Life

Finish my certification. I’ve been working on my NLP for a few months now. What started out as a short-term course I have dragged out to 4 months. I need to put this on the top of my To-Do List and spend some serious time on this every morning before I jump into my day.

Continue to step out of my comfort zone. One of the things I really appreciated this past year was how I was challenged to pivot the way I do business. Being on camera, online, is the worse for me! But with a business that crosses state lines and borders, I know this is something that has to become a permanent fixture. This is where I will struggle the most but will grow the most.

Do the blog already! Another one of the projects that continues to be pushed aside. But today is the day! You are now experiencing my very first published blog post. Aaahhh!!! FINALLY!!!

Evolve. It’s really that simple. Figure out how to serve the most while not losing sight of what’s important to us: integrity, compassion, ethical practices. This is the area of my professional life that brings me the most excitement!

So what about you? Tell me about you.

Do you find yourself reflective on months past during this time of the year? Do you set specific health, work, or personal goals for the last quarter of the year?

Whatever you strive for I pray that you are successful in reaching your goals and achieving the transformation you desire most.

I welcome the opportunity to help you with those goals or at least provide a sounding board for you if I can’t. I’m available to you; just post in the comments or email me. Give me about 24 hours for a direct response. I am a homeschooling mom after all 😉 so my days are pretty much consumed well into midafternoon by all this learning and teaching that takes place at Casa Walters! And I also invite you to join our private online community. It’s a safe place to share tips, info, recipes on all things natural living and living our best life.

Take some time to enjoy all the fall feels!
Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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