Finding The Joy

Wooo hooo! Time to celebrate!

This is the month I used to dread. December was never kind to me. About ten years ago, that changed for me. Moving into December now has me feeling like this:


I have my husby to thank for that. 🥰 He slowly broke down my resistance and provided a safe place for me to celebrate without the impending dread and doom that was inevitably about to happen. 🤷🏽 (Yes! It’s true! Even at my best optimistic self the looming doom won during this month!)

Hey, it happens. Not everyone is all cheers and joy during this time of the year. And lately there’s been a lot of that I’m hearing about. So here’s some tips for all of us to get the most joy out of this month:

💛 START SMALL – you’re dealing with some big emotions that have been around for a long time. It’s a pattern. So instead of trying to make an immense change in all of it, start small. Choose one thing that brings you joy and do more of it. It can be as simple as pouring yourself a cup of tea or coffee, listening to your favorite song, anything that brings YOU joy.

💛 SCHEDULE SELF-CARE – this time of the year comes with a lot of hustle and bustle. It’s something we’ve been conditioned to believe that we need to do because it’s the holidays. Stop. Slow down. Pamper yourself. Draw yourself a hot bath. Schedule a spa day or create your own at home (there are tons of DIY recipes for this in our online community!). However you choose to love on you, be intentional about “me” time.

💛 SCHEDULE WORRY TIME – let’s be honest – everyone worries about something. It’s part of our human nature. But instead of trying to push those worries aside, drown them (guilty!), push them down, pretend they don’t exist, schedule time in your day to acknowledge and reflect on them. Creating space for those negative emotions is as important as creating space for “me” time. Just make sure those two don’t overlap and you set boundaries for each.

💛 USE YOUR OILS! – there are so many supportive single and blended oils that will help you get your emotions in check and help you deal with those tough moments and find the joy. Some of my favorites:

💛 DON’T COMPARE – comparing yourself to someone else is one of the most damaging acts we can do to ourselves. Comparison is the thief of joy. Instead, look inward. Look at skills you have learned, mastered or have improved. Look at goals you have reached. Reflect on all those things you love about yourself.

💛 STAY CONNECTED – remind yourself that you are part of something. This may be different for all of us. Maybe reach out to a neighbor that you enjoy speaking to but haven’t connected with in a while. Maybe it’s a family member or friend. And maybe it’s simply looking at photos or home movies that remind you that you come from someplace and you have connections. Whatever you choose, embrace that human connectedness in a way that resonates with you.

💛 VOLUNTEER – doing things for others really does help you to feel fulfilled. Even if it’s just for that moment. Helping to bring others joy during their tough times ultimately brings you joy during yours. There are so many organizations that welcome and need you!


I find this quote so fitting to kick off December. Although it’s quite simplified, it’s still spot on to how we can move through this season a little less deflated.

If you find yourself struggling, please reach out! Don’t feel like you have to move through this alone.

And if you’re interested in learning more about the oils that I love to use to help me through Tough Times, click here!

Stay safe. Stay healthy.




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