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As I’ve shared with you often, I’m a firm believer of setting intentions and grounding my day in prayer, scripture, journaling, movement, and learning. It’s how I get the most out of my day. Especially that quiet time in the morning before Casa Walters becomes alive with dogs and teenagers 🥰. Sometimes this can be 20 minutes or if I’m really focused (and lucky!), 2 hours. So much comes into play on how long I can work on myself each morning. Including my own motivation, emotions and whatever is swirling around in my head. But every minute of that window of time is intentional.

One of my favorite books that I’ve read (at least 5 times!) on setting a morning routine is “The 5 AM Club” by Robin Sharma. It was indeed pivotal for me! It helped me create a backbone to that precious time in the morning that I focus on only me.

Once I put this routine into motion, I felt more centered, more focused, and more productive. Now don’t get hung up on the 5 AM piece of this! There are very few days at present when I actually kick off my mornings this early 😆 I’m finding since turning 50 that I now require 5-6 hours of sleep that usually start closer to midnight.

So here’s a quick breakdown of what my Morning Routine looks like. It’s evolved over time and reflects what my current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are at the moment.

Step 1: Get Grounded & Focused

I used to have a coffee addiction. Nonstop drinker throughout the day. This was so disruptive to my emotions, hormones and sleep habits. So I’m down to two cups in the morning. Black. With a drop of Cassia essential oil.
Black because it doesn’t break my fast.
Cassia because it supports a healthy immune system and it tastes yummy!

My supplements include Lifelong Vitality: Alpha CRS+, Microplex VMZ, and xEO Mega.

These supplements help me fill in nutritional gaps that I know exist due to my diet. Regardless of how much we try and make the best choices for fresh, natural, whole foods, we will still lack vitamins and minerals. 

The essential oils that I place in my diffuser are:
Frankincense – Oil of Truth
Ginger – Oil of Empowerment
Peppermint – Oil of a Buoyant Heart
Wild Orange – Oil of Abundance
Blue Tansy – Oil of Inspired Action
Litsea – Oil of Manifestation

Step 2: Get moving

I discovered my love for running when I was in college. It has been my best and favorite form of therapy since. I have several plans that I follow, depending on whether or not I have a running event in my future or not. But most days, guided by my intuition, I run 1-3 miles. It gets me within that 20 minute mark. The time frame has nothing to do with science, not really. It’s the amount of time that I can commit to daily to get my body into motion. That burst of oxygen to the brain brings so much clarity!

Moving also helps me brainstorm and troubleshoot. It’s the time when I’m at my most creative. No joke! 
I used to exercise first thing in the morning, but I find that if I do this right before I plan my day, week, or month, I am swimming with ideas. Wherever you throw this into your routine, just make sure you do it. Find a movement that you like enought to make it a habit.

Step 3: Get Changing

Being a life-long learner, this step in my morning routine was pretty obvious. However, I never intentionally structured my learning. And I certainly never thought to schedule it into my day. What I’m finding is that if I allot specific blocks of time to some learning, planning and working on projects, I tend to get more done and the quality of work is a far better cry than doing it when I feel like I have time.

Now, again, 20 minutes really is an arbitrary time block. This is the minimum that I spend on each of these areas. Self-development can include a book, a webinar, or a course. Something that hones in on building certain skills and definitely changing my mindset. When I move into planning my day, I look back into journal to reflect once again where I feel I am lacking. I do plan weeks in advance, sometimes I even map out my whole year, like for homeschooling, newsletter topics, and continuing education for my oily community. However, that moment to reflect once again on what I feel is lacking can help guide the priority actions that need to be taken NOW and what activities can be tackled LATER. It really is about finding balance. When it comes to focused work, I pour all my energy into a project that needs my attention. Here is when I do set a timer for 20 minutes and stick to it.

I hope you’ve made it this far! And I hope you’ve been inspired to put together your own morning routine. I would love to hear your thoughts on this so I welcome your comments below. 

If you’d like help with creating your own routines that include essential oils and natural supplements, I welcome the opportunity to serve you!

Blessings ~

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