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Are you living your most powerful life? To live a powerful life, we must first take responsibility for our lifestyle choices. Easier said than done, right?

Hear me out. The majority of us are so busy taking responsibility for everyone else that we neglect to take responsibility for ourselves. Especially those of us who juggle multiple roles within the home or office. We tend to center our energy on others so much that we may overlook what we are doing or not doing in our lives.

If you feel you have no time or energy to take care of yourself because you’ve taken on so many responsibilities, guess what? Your life is out of control. Oh my friends! How often I have felt this! And it is a constant INTENTIONAL act of mine to check in with myself and see if I’m spiraling down. My servant heart is wired to blindly lead me down that spiral. This is why I take time daily, weekly, to reflect on how I’m feeling, what I’m doing, and do I have one thing on my calendar that serves ME.

Check out this hack on how to be intentional with your actions, thoughts, energy. At the beginning of the year, I choose 3 words that reflect how I want to live a powerful life. I set my phone alarm to display those 3 words throughout the day. When the alarm goes off, I pause and reflect on what I’m doing & feeling. If it doesn’t align with my 3 words, I stop and change what I’m doing. If it does, I celebrate & keep moving forward!

How do you know if your life is out of control? Well let’s see… Do you feel angry, exhausted, resentful, and bitter? Do you blame everyone else for how you feel? Then maybe it’s time to have a long conversation with yourself and realize that your life is out of control. You have given up personal responsibility.

The good news is (there’s always good in everything!) is that you can take back your personal power and start living a powerful life:

✨ Choose to see life’s challenges differently

Perspective is everything. Mindset is everything. When we can recognized that we can learn and grow from every one of life’s situations, we begin to tap into our personal power to create the powerful life we want.

✨ recognize that you are making choices every minute of the day

These choices not only impact the moment you make them but have a ripple effect for the rest of your day, week, month, year, life. Be intentional of where you decide to focus your energy, who you allow into your personal space or what you put into your body.

✨ change the way you see or think about yourself

Only you can change your mood, your attitude, your perspective. Only you can control how you speak to yourself. Speak words of strength, positivity, LOVE to yourself. Once you begin to believe in yourself and see the value in your being, others will see it too.

These are just three of the ways I have found to help me stay focused, aligned and constantly be intentional of how I use my energy. There are many ways and strategies to help you live your most powerful life. What is important is that you recognize when you are out of alignment and make conscious effort to get back your personal power.

Your life is your responsibility. Be intentional of how you play out your life on the daily. Once you realize that you can create the life you want, that your personal power is indeed the driving force behind that, you’ll soon come to live more intentional, more humbly, a more powerful life. You’ll experience a more open in heart and mind, too, yet be fully aware that your responsibility to yourself is first.

I hope that this perspective of living a powerful life provides you some food for thought and moves you to live more intentionally. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Blessings ~


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