What is Casa Walters All About?

When we first used doTERRA in 2017, little did we know what a big part of our lives those little brown bottles would become. They are everywhere in our home! They are consumed and used by every living being in our home! Anyone who comes over gets doused immediately with a few drops of this magical elixir when a single word is spoken about aches, pains, sleep issues, heavy heart, fatigue, you name it! You know why? Because I do have an oil for that! 🙌

My husby Matthew and I just came back from doTERRA’s Leadership retreat and let me tell you…I WAS SHOCKED!!! WHY??? Because we, Casa Walters, are barely scratching the surface of all the goodness that is available to you. And for that…we are sorry.

Sorry that we don’t share more of what doTERRA is doing at a local, national and global level.

Sorry that we don’t make more effort to meet each and every one of you and take a real part in your wellness journey.

Sorry that we don’t let you in on the easiest way to get your oils and products paid for.

Sorry that we don’t show you how you can make an extra $500 a month.

Sorry that you are having to make choices about how to care for you and your family where your personal health takes the back seat.

Sorry that you really don’t know who we, Casa Walters, really are.

Let me start by telling you who we are and how we plan to make sure we never leave you unknowing of our intentions, our soul purpose and our mission.

Our family of five includes: My husby Matthew (we’re celebrating 24 years together this year), our daughter Meagan (My Savior and future ayurvedic practitioner), our son Seth (My Teacher and soon to be high school graduate), and our youngest, Sarah (My Joy and brilliant creative). We also have two rescue pups Daisy Blossom Walters and Buff Boy Rudy who keep us busy and love us unconditionally. I’m sure you’ve seen my husband before – he’s been my event buddy for a long time now. I know you’ve seen my Meagan girl – she’s a Wellness Advocate too and has taught some yoga classes for us. (I’m hoping to see more of this!) And you may have seen my Sarah girl and my pups from time to time on Zoom and maybe even at events. I know for sure you haven’t seen my son – he doesn’t like being in front of the camera and stays away from large groups. We love going on adventures together. This pic is from one of our favorite road trips that included Niagara Falls. Circa 2017.

Our intention

When we started Casa Walters Essentials it was with the truest of intentions to help families like ours take control of their health. My husby and son had both been on prescription meds for their long term health conditions. My son since he was 5. Both of them hated the side effects that came with managing their health but my son suffered the most. Lots of sleepless nights. Lots of systemic issues with his meds. Lots of emotional turmoil dealing with both his condition and the other pieces that accompanied it. Whether or not he believed in the power of the oils, he was willing to take a chance and trusted his mom to come up with a plan. (I am an ultimate planner – it’s my area of genius 😉 )

Of course with his success, my husby was next to take a chance on the oils and me to help him transition from his prescription meds. I was more scared with this process than my son’s. My husband was taking meds for high blood pressure. If you know anything about it, you know it’s been termed the silent killer. If I didn’t get this right…well, we didn’t allow the thought to finish or be spoken in our home. His journey to natural health support took a little longer than my son’s. But we did it. We were able to achieve his goal with dedication and consistency. 🎉 (pic of my two men before oils)

It’s these two stories, these lives that were transformed. Their stories fueled my intention to share these oils with everyone who was ready to care for their health with something different. Something that works. Something like these magical elixirs packed in these beautiful brown bottles. That is my intention.

Our Soul Purpose

My soul purpose has always been to serve. (I am a selfish giver – I give because it feels oh so good! 🥰) I am completely filled when I am able to help and serve others. I have a degree in chemistry and biology. I thought this achievement that cost thousands of dollars was going to be my gateway to finding a job, a career, that would fulfill my soul purpose. But it didn’t. The path that was laid with this degree was lined with research for new pharma drugs that came with tons of environmental hazards to the environment – both external and my internal one. I knew that I would never be happy or satisfied with a career in this line of work.

So I gravitated to jobs that focused around service and helping those who are most vulnerable in our community. And that worked for many years. It even led me to start a non-profit solely on that: service to those most vulnerable. But then, it changed. That corporate world reared its ugly head and I no longer felt aligned with my soul purpose. It was such a trying time for my family, for me. After years of pouring into this non-profit – our money, our resources, my time away from my family – it was over. But it was the BEST decision I ever made.

Fast forward a few years later…This business of ours, this doTERRA business, has provided that vehicle to fulfill this need to serve and give. And to do so without feeling misaligned with my soul purpose. It allows me to find solutions to problems someone, you, have regarding your health – physical or emotional. I especially love when skeptics, like my son, trust me enough to allow me to fully engage in service to them. Finding success in these magical elixirs is everything! 🙌

our mission

Our mission at Casa Walters Essentials has been a work in progress. There is so much we want to do with this gift we have been given! But ultimately, our mission takes us back to the beginning. How it all started. 

It started with a drop to help my son. That one drop that changed the trajectory of how my family was going to care, manage, and take control of our health. IT WAS EMPOWERING. And that’s what we want, our mission: To EMPOWER you to become the HEALER in your home. 

Is it easy? Probably not. It requires taking a chance on something new, yet powerful, and it requires a decision to say “Yes” to being consistent and determined.

Is it possible? Absolutely! ANYTHING is possible if you put your mind, heart and soul into it. 

Is it worth it? 1000% yes yes yes!!! Changing the trajectory of your health, your family’s health, is totally worth your time investment to learn more about what these magical elixirs for health can do. 

Imagine if the skeptic in me, in my son, won in the decision making process? My son would most likely still suffer from his med’s side effects. My husby would most definitely still be on his pharmaceuticals. I would probably still be trading hours for dollars in a job that does not fulfill me. 

As we continue to refine what Casa Walters does to live our intention, fulfill our soul purpose and achieve our mission, we invite you to journey with us.

If you’re looking for a more natural way of caring for your health and your family, schedule a call with me so I can share all the options you have to make that happen.

If you’re looking for a partner in services you provide or if you would like to learn more of how to partner with us, let’s find a time to see what that looks like for you.

If you’re looking to become the healer in your home, whether you want to heal your health, your family’s, or your financial situation, schedule a call and know that this path to healing is available and ready for you.

Wherever you are on your health journey, we welcome the opportunity to serve you!

Blessings ~



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