They’re Gone…Now What?

It’s here! That milestone – first day at college or first day of school ever. I remember when my oldest moved into her chosen sorority house. It was not the move we had expected her to make. We were thinking more like freshman dorms or just staying put at home. But alas…

It was somewhat easy for me to make that transition though. You know the one, high school mom to college mom. Lucky me! My girl decided to stay put in the Q. And I had two littles at home that still required so much of me! But this may not be the case for many of you.

Perhaps you find yourself at home without children requiring your presence. Your help. Your applause. Your supervision. You find yourself not knowing how to fill your days. Sure, the first couple of weeks you’ll spend putting your home in order. You may even catch a nap or two. But then what? What are you going to do to fill your time?
If you’re a first-time kindergarten mom, you’ve probably already signed-up for homeroom mom. Or committed to helping in the classroom once or twice a week. Maybe you’re one whose only child or last child at home has just left for a semester of college and you’re calendar sits empty.
If you didn’t jump onto the sign-up-for-class-volunteers bandwagon, and you’ve finished reorganizing your home for the third time, what’s next?

What are you going to do now that your kids are in school?
Here’s some of the ways I fill my time (sometimes with my kiddos, often times without – remember I’m a homeschooling momma 😉):


This is something I’ve done with my kiddos since they were puppies. The volunteer jobs have changed but my intention to make them aware of services and needs in our community has not. We’ve made & served meals for the homeless; cleaned open spaces; planted trees; made posters, marched/protested & handed out pamphlets; done clothes & food drives; etc. My kiddos will tell you that volunteering at the museum was the best (photo circa 2015). I will tell you watching them grow in empathy is by far the best EVER.

Pick up a hobby

Maybe you had one you loved before the kids came around and lost touch with it. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet or play an instrument. Whatever it may be, now is the time to explore and learn something new. A quick search on community center and library websites will bring up a ton of free or low-cost classes.


You can’t use the excuse of your kids taking up all your time & energy anymore! Make a conscious effort to start some healthy habits and movement. The benefits of exercise will help those of you who have kids far away at school not feel so blue. This will definitely be one thing I will do more of! Movement always lightens my mood and just makes me feel good overall.

Go back to school

Perhaps you are one that never finished college or never started, and you’ve been thinking about this for some time. Why not take one or two classes at the community college while your kids are in their own classes? If not for a degree, may to learn a new skill or language? So many options! And many colleges offer assistance to returning/adult students so it may be more feasible than you think.

Get a side hustle

With so many opportunities to make money online, there’s sure to be one that is a good fit for you! Write a blog, become a virtual assistant, create digital products. And hey! Why not do some oily doTERRA business too?! 💧You can learn more about creating a side hustle or building a business from the video above. If you’re interested in learning more, BOOK A CALL with us! And if online is not your jam, there’s always part-time jobs that you can take on: clean houses, become a caregiver or dogwalker. Whatever your interest!

There’s so many ways to fill that space between the drop-off & pick-up bells at your kid’s school. Including the ones that signal you to pick up your college student from the dorm or airport. Whatever you decide to do, do it for the sole purpose of fulfilling you – your needs, your wants, your desires. You’ve put in your time, momma. It’s time to turn the focus inward.


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